Coming Soon! MERLIN MTC-One

Incorporate sensor-based process-driven data

MEMEX - MERLIN MTC ONE Hardware Device

MERLIN MTC-One satisfies the craving for more and more process-driven data. This hardware product in the MEMEX smart manufacturing tool-kit features convenient USB plug-ins for sensors. Once those sensors are connected, MTC-One works with MERLIN Tempus to collect, visualize and analyze real-time analog input data from temperature, humidity, noise level, power consumption, vibration, acceleration and other sensor-driven data.

The availability of this process-driven data along with the ability to easily create unique visualizations of it erases the need for “integrator custom code” and associated system errors and maintenance issues. Instead, almost any process to be measured and tracked as part of a data-driven manufacturing deployment.

A new breed of IIoT/Industry 4.0 technology, MTC-One equips your machine tools and assembly, production or processing line with the true power of edge computing. Take control of your shop floor and optimize efficiency by monitoring up to 110 sensor devices with a single MTC-One. Furthermore, leverage its dual Ethernet ports and the wireless capability to dramatically reduce production interruption and minimize the reoccurring costs associated with cable installation.

Features & Benefits

MTC-One offers:

  • User configurable software for robust configuration
  • Field upgradeable Firmware, future proofing your investment
  • Comprehensive signal management
  • Flexible power requirements
  • Robust sensor capabilities supporting up to 110 individual sensors
  • Catastrophic power failure protection
  • High voltage surge protection to protect your machines
  • Minimizing cabling costs with Dual Ethernet
  • Optional data logging for data retention and integrity
  • Native Merlin connectivity and support for rapid deployment
  • MTConnect output to the latest MTConnect agent
  • Genuine industrial strength hardware

MTC-One features include:

    • NXP /Freescale i.MX 6DualLite, ARM Cortex™-A9, 1.0 GHz, Dual Core, 512MB DDR3 (64 Bit), 4GB eMMC (8 Bit)
    • Wireless Connectivity via Wi-Fi b/g/n
    • Wired Connectivity with 2 x 10/100 Mbit IEEE1588 Ethernet
    • 4 USB 2.0 Hi-Speed type A connector at 500mA/port
    • USB OTG (Micro A-B connector) Diagnostic port
    • On-board RTC with Battery Backup
    • Micro SD Card Slot for logging data when device is not connected to the network
    • DVI-I display connector
    • Up to 110 Optional USB devices
    • 8 on-board digital bidirectional input Interface (0-36V)
    • Software selectable input trigger thresholds
    • 2 on-board digital outputs (Dry Contact, Fuse 33V at1.85 A)
    • Magnetic or screw mount
    • On Board Fieldbus/Industrial Ethernet Protocol Interface
    • Power Input, 6-27 VDC
    • Graceful Shutdown Circuitry to prevent data corruption
    • OS-Linux friendly
    • Optional sensors – eight channel ADC, thermocouple, Accelerometer, RH sensor, Power monitoring, Digital Input and Digital Output

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